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Solid Timber Floors

solid timber floor

The modern yet classic look of timber floors will enhance any home and creates warmth and class next to none. Solid timber floors are easy to maintain, with a simple sweeping and moping. Over time, applying a light sand and re-polish will bring your floor back to its original finish.¬†After the floor is laid it […]

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Repairs: Wooden floors

Having problems with your existing flooring? Has your floor expanded too much? Have you been flooded and part of your floor is damaged? Do you need to replace some boards? Do you have any other problems you do not know what to do with? Call us today and leave your problems with us!

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Floating Floors: Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a great alternative to wooden floors. It is mechanically resilient against abrasion and chemicals and favored for its easy maintenance and a wide range of design. Installing procedure We will: 1. prepare the existing floor (remove a carpet, level uneven surface, undercut wooden door frames for a smoother look by laying the […]

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Floating Floors: Engineered flooring

Engineered flooring is a great compromise between solid timber floors and a laminate flooring. An engineered board comprises of two or more layers of wood, or more commonly wood and plywood, bonded together. This forms a far more stable plank, less prone to gapping, cupping or crowning under changes in temperature or humidity. Installing procedure […]

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Floating floors: Bamboo

Bamboo is a great choice for your new floor. It is very solid, resilient, modern, affordable and it will bring a new modern look to any interior. Most of the bamboo floors are already paint so it will be ready to use (walk on) straight away after the installation.   Installing procedure We will: 1. […]

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Timber decking

We are timber decking experts and we can advise you on your choices of: timber decking material, deck lights, deckings oils and maintenance

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